True Connect services helps small businesses plan and build success.

We offer a variety of tailoered services aimed to address common problems found in small businesses.

Business Meeting in a Cafe

Have you been told you need a Business Plan? Do you realize the "Plan” is first and foremost for you; not just to raise money? Is your plan all in your head? Validate your idea and the steps you are going to take to execute that idea. Then you are ready for funding and launch. We will work with you with a customized program to fit your budget and timeline. We call it a Game Plan because it is a different approach to realize your success.

Our signature Build program is for startup co-founders or partners that are past the launch stage and want to create a solid foundation to build their business or strengthen the current understanding to optimize the partner’s work relationships. It is best described as a business prenup. Our 3 sessions with 2 facilitators help your founding team lay a solid foundation by getting clear on practical matters like investments of money and time, equity, and how you will navigate disagreements to keep you on track to success.

Course Correct Sessions is for existing partners who are having a major event occurring in their business. Whether it is the addition of a new partner, a situation when a partner is leaving the company or another issue that changes the current status quo in the running of the business we are mediators experienced in these relationships. Our Mediation Session of 2 hours can open up a new perspective collaboratively explore options for resolving an issue you maybe are having difficulty resolving on your own. Alternative dispute resolution saves money and time versus the alternatives to giving up or lawyering up.

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