You're starting a new business or taking on a large project with one or more partners. This is a serious commitment, and you want to be confident that you're all on the same page. Our Clarify and Build sessions help you through critical business partnership questions such as how to divide the work and how to allocate decision-making so your team can reduce uncertainty and leverage your strengths.


Issues such as founder motivations, equity splits, and division of labor among partners can make or break a company. For instance, 65% of startups fail due to co-founder conflict.* Most new businesses get started with a focus only on the business idea and ignore the critical relationship between the co-founders who will make the idea a reality. Established businesses may experience partner conflict or uncertainty once the startup 'honeymoon" ends. True Connect meets a previously underappreciated need for partners who recognize the critical importance of a healthy business relationship, but who also know how difficult these conversations can be without outside help.


The True Connect Lab includes 3 sessions with us that help you identify and articulate what you each envision and how you plan to achieve that vision, with prep work to be completed in advance of each session. Two experienced neutral facilitators guide you in discussing practical matters like who will be investing what in terms of money, skills and other resources; how you will deal with contentious issues; and what kind of exit strategy you each have in mind. Our sessions can take place in our Boulder office, or we can meet online with clients located outside the Boulder/Denver metro area.

Our time in these sessions is best utilized if you have already prepared a working business plan, budget, timeline, and financial projections.

After our meetings, we will prepare a summary report which will contain understandings reached in our sessions about your working relationship. We encourage you to revisit it often and use it to check in with your partners. You may also choose to incorporate its contents into agreements, resolutions, business plans, and other documents that will continue to guide your business and your relationship as partners.

The cost for the program, which includes 3 2-hour sessions with two True Connect advisors, pre-meeting assignments, and a final summary report, is $2900 for two partners. Additional fees apply to co-founding teams of more than two.

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* 65% of high-potential startups fail as a result of conflict among co-founders