When disagreements arise with your partners or colleagues, and you've tried resolving them on your own with no success, we can help. As neutral and experienced mediators we can help you get to the heart of the issue while reducing the stress and tension of confrontation. We will ask you to complete a brief assessment of the issue or issues you would like to discuss before we meet, and will then meet with you for up to two hours to explore options for moving forward. With your input, we set and maintain a process that allows each person an equal opportunity to describe the problem from their point of view, without interruption.  By facilitating the mediation process and maintaining the rules of engagement, we can help you identify and explore options for moving forward.

We schedule these mediation sessions for two hours, and if at the end of the mediation session you would like to continue, we can schedule any additional follow-ups you may need. You get the benefit of two mediators with extensive experience in helping to resolve thorny problems. If you reach an agreement that you would like to reduce to writing, we can help draft the agreement in language that is acceptable to all parties. Even when agreement proves impossible, participants in mediation can gain a deeper understanding of their partners' issues and concerns, and feel that their own concerns have been fully voiced and heard by their partner. The cost for a Course Correct Session is $850.

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